Monday, July 7, 2008

Sneakers and Brady's House

I somehow managed to screw up my inventory and could not locate the original sneakers that were given to me by Jake. My Fnky Sneakers managed to only show up as boxed objects so I needed to find a place where I could unpack them and re-add them to my inventory.

Brady invited me over to his new house to help me out since I needed a place where it was ok to build and rez. He helped me with the minor adjustment once I was able to unpack them to my inventory. Brady doesn't have much furniture in his house yet but I am sure more will follow in due time.

We had a very nice visit as I always do when we have had our late night chats. We chat about life and how things are going with relationships and stuff in SL. Just getting to know each other type stuff. He is a very nice friend.

Jamie also checked in with me while I was at Brady's. We will be in touch again probably tomorrow night when he has more time. He had returned home after a visit with his family and was heading for bed soon so we did not chat long. Thanks for the inventory tip. It can get cluttered in there and it is a good idea to go in and sort, organize and weed.

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