Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's it all about?

So what is SL all about? As far as I can tell, so far there are lots of dance parties, art gallery openings, and my favorite - Shopping Malls. Even the library sciences people have a presence in SL. I also know that several major companies have set up spaces here in SL. We all seem to be making connections with other avatars for various reasons. Some of which are not always clear up front. Everyone is sharing their talents with others either as designers, architects, builders, scriptors, managers, models and more. Yes, you can even pick up an escort here in SL.

By the way, I am currently looking for a home. I feel a bit strange just participating as a homeless resident. Not that a home is a requirement, but it just seems like "the thing to do". I just need to work out a reasonable budget and decide to rent or own. I am thinking that owning is more the way to go.

I also discovered that residents can actually set up a security system on their home in SL. Bumped into a few when i was flying around yesterday. It can be scary if you are not expecting it. My friend Brady said that it keeps people from having sex in them when the residents are not at home. Hummm imagine that?

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