Monday, October 26, 2009

Why should you try any SL Hunt?

I am just about finished with MHOH2. I found most of the symbols. I just need to go back and find the difficult ones. Some of us may just like to grab the freebie and run or others may make it a contest and race to get to the end.

So why do I participate in any SL Hunt?

First, I use them as a way to get some cool new clothes. Yes, some are duds, but you can weed them out in the end. You could just hunt at the stores you know and like, but you may miss out on a new place you haven't tried yet. I found a few this time around and actually bought a few things.

The other reason is that Hunts offer a great way to explore a new area on the grid, like the nearby places. The grid is a huge place and I always find something new and interesting in my travels.

Finally, as you can see from the pic, most of the stores are all decked out and that creates a photo opportunity if you like to take and share pics in SL.

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Leigh Eel said...

I had a great time doing the MHOH2. I kinda dawdled as the month drew on, and at the eleventh hour I was rushing to get those last 20 stores, I missed a bunch of lucky chairs and Midnight Madnesses and so forth, which I usually try to check out. I was on the last five when the party broke out on Sunday, but it was great fun. I understand there with be a third sometime soon.. Ready for another 174 search?