Monday, June 8, 2009

Rocky Needs Therapy

I can't believe how late I was online last night taking part in the MHOH. I kept telling myself I would stop after one more and the next thing I know I am going on to the next. The hunt has been alot of fun and I have met a few nice people along the way where we would drop hints to each other. I am also discovering some nice places to shop and I keep the names on a list to visit later. I realize that some of this stuff may or may not be any good and at this point that doesn't bother me. Right now it's all going into a huge MHOH folder in my inv. For me this is about finding new places and collecting the "stuff" along the way. It's been very addictive. Is anyone else hooked on this too? I will be looking for a Shoppers Support Group after June 3oth.


Jordyn Carnell said...

I've poked around a few too Rock.. Think I'm up to around #50.. hunting can be addictive for sure

Rocky Constantine said...

Always good to have a goal. I think at the pace I am going at, I should be able to collect them all by the end of the month.