Saturday, May 23, 2009

My First Year in Review - Part 2

Rocky returns to SL with a new computer and realizes the huge difference a better graphics card can make on his SL experience.

Getting land and making a home in SL was a pretty cool thing after spending months homeless and looking for discreet places to change clothes in.

Keeping up with all the changes going on with the club and keeping the community spirit that makes Jake's a home for everyone who comes out to party with us.

Meanwhile, my friend list begins to grow. I become good friends with Troy Antwerp, Patty, Ritch, Tyler and my huge Jake's family. I also get connected with my blog buddy and friend JC who shares tips with me and inspires me to look for ways to make my blog interesting. I also become a co-author on the Jake's Club blog.
Brady and Troy's wedding last year was another first for me and I was so happy to be a part of that experience.

Then came getting SL voice to work and joining my SL friends on Skype. Another cool experience that I would recommend others participate in.

These days its all about spending time with my Duke. He has become my very best friend and partner.

Looking back I can see that Rocky has come a long way to where he is today, but it is not without all the great friends who have shared the adventure with me. Love you all and I look forward to many more awesome experiences. (((HUGS)))

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