Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Shopping

OK I admit it, I do enjoy shopping in Second Life and lots of times I really have to wonder why.  I always ask myself this question when I am spending time in my inventory.  I am usually in it before I log out for the night. I think the key to keeping your inventory tidy is to consider everything you acquired during your login and put the stuff in a proper folder,   Trash the notecards and LM that you really don't need and THEN logout.  My guess is that no one really wants to spend the time, but trust me, its worth the effort.

Sure I occasionally hit up TMD and MOM, but there are two weekend shopping events that I never miss.  Fifty Linden Fridays and Lazy Sunday. These offer things for the home, but you can still find the girl stuff in them.  If you like the things from WhatNext and Digs, then you can usually find them on the list.

If you really enjoy shopping and want to pre-shop online before you visit the store inworld, then I would encourage you to visit  This way you can do a quick preview before you go to the actual event or store.