Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are you employed in Second Life?

When you first rez into Second Life you are probably going to be homeless and without a job.  So is that a big deal?  The nice thing is that you are NOT naked.  Thanks to Linden Lab, you do get to choose a basic avatar, and the human ones do have clothes,

My first few weeks as a noob involved roaming and exploring.  I took my curious imagination and wandered all over the grid.  I discovered all kinds of places.  That curious nature in me continues today although probably not something I do as much as before.

Now let's face it, sooner or later you are going to notice all the nice clothes the other avatars are wearing and wonder if maybe you need to start shopping for some clothes that fit your particular style preference.  Or you could choose to go all out and find clothing that is entirely new and worth exploring.  After all this is Second Life.  So why not venture out and possibly try something on the "edge" *winks*

Ugh, But then "reality" hits you and you realize that this is going to come at a price.  So now what?  I know that you can purchase L$ and for some people that is fine.  However there are some who consider the option of "earning" there L$.  Now how do I get a job?

People earn L$ in a wide variety of ways,  They create things, perform music, offer photography services, become DJs or Host events, just to name a few.

When I first started in SL, I was very fortunate to have an awesome mentor (JakeC Hotshot).  He took me under his wing and gave me my first job as a host in his club.  Do you remember Jakes Dance Club (later to become Jake's Club Resort?  I was actually the blogger for that website after JC passed the torch on to me.  We had some awesome parties that I am sure some of my older friends will remember.

The bottom line is that you find your own niche and explore it.  If you enjoy doing it and it helps you acquire some L$ spending money, then go ahead and do it.  If at anytime things get to be drag or you dread it then STOP doing it.  Remember this is your Second Life so keep it FUN!

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