Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rocky's Come Back

Ok, so I never really quite left, but I did cut back on my time in SL and it was good for me. I still have some housekeeping to take care of such as, groups, deeded objects, personal items, etc., but I will get through it.

So what is next on my plate? I have been playing with streaming on and off, and I still hope to work on playing DJ for the occasional impromptu parties. I am also looking at incorporating business adverts some how.

Content creation is always on my mind, so maybe I can come up with a project to work on in that area. Maybe go back and look at the coffee shop idea or create a dance space to have parties. Romantic & social hangouts seem to be a big thing here in SL so I need to look at that.

I also have all my social media stuff to work on. Rocky is all over the place these days. You can find me on
Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, SLProfiles, a lot of Ning sites, and right now I am using Plurk and having fun there with some of my SL friends.

I am in a few other places as well. I need to stop and create a list. I will be putting my social contacts in a future blog post or in the sidebar in case you want to join others in stalking me. LOL


Anonymous said...

Coffee shop??? Ooooh... we should talk. And yes, I am operating on severe blog response lag.

Rocky Constantine said...

Yeah. I built a small coffee shop at my home in SL. Just to experiment with some building ideas.