Sunday, November 2, 2008

The New Jake's Dance Club & Fine Arts Lounge

Last night was the Grand Opening of Jake's Dance Club & Fine Arts Lounge on Fire Island Pines. The club finally has a new home thanks to our wonderful hosts at Fire Island Pines. The new club is huge. From the large patio entrance out front you enter through huge open glass doors. To the left you will find Brady Rowell's fabulous art gallery where you then ascend the stairs up to the spacious dancefloor complete with lounge space.

Other spaces include to the right of the entrance a Wet Lounge with a huge fountain and place to be a bit more intimate if you so desire. On the back side you will find a large pool area complete with the signature red color scheme that is used throughout. Special thanks to Baz and his co-builder for their work on the new design. It looks fantastic. (photo courtesy of JC @ Midcourt)

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