Monday, November 3, 2008

Time & Relationships

I have often heard residents say that SL time seems to be on an accelerated pace. There is no doubt that my own time spent in-world seems to fly quickly. I guess I tend to be amused with discovering something new about it. Whether it's cool places to shop, finding a beautifully built location, or just playing around with the building tools. My friend Brady calls it my curious nature and you know...he is right about that.

So are relationships any different in SL than they are in RL? What is the glue that keeps them together? Have you ever looked at your Contacts list and wondered why you added a certain person in the first place? Do you even remember who they are are? My list of friends is not huge so I don't have a group like "Friends of Rocky" although I probably could start one. Most of my friends are part of my other friend's groups.

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Jordyn Carnell said...

Hey Rocky.. the blog swap pulled out several people writing on this topic including Shockwave Plasma's post on my blog "SL Real Feelings"

But yea.. a week = a month, a month = a year, a year = a lifetime in the world of SL. And all the complexities of relationships exist here. (Passion exhaustion, time management, compatibility of interests, the need for novelty, you name the issue there is its corresponding issue in SL.)

My friends list here and my ones on SLP, GW, MS, and tons of other places ebb and flow. (I can't even remember where I have accounts anymore) My rule is: "I don't decide if we are friends YOU do." Once we've made contact tho, the unveiling of who we really are begins. And if they can't handle that I do that slowly then "tough".

BTW.. Glad to see you back.

(Oh, another rule of life: "you can't win if you don't play")