Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

So did you miss me? Had a really fun weekend. The OZ dance party at Jakes on Saturday was "Awesome." Lots of great costumes and good company. I even saw my friend Tyler. Glad you could come out for the fun. It was good to see what people came up with. My best friend Troy came as a witch. Complete with skinny green chicken legs and a broom. It certainly made me smile. :)

Sunday I was out and about in RL & SL. I went shopping with Troy who discovered a great place for furniture. I will blog about that later. Unfortunately, I had a little accident back at my home when I tried to rez some stuff in the livingroom of my new home. I guess I "took" more than just the box and lost my walls and part of my ceiling. Scary to say the least. Thank goodness I had a copy of my house packed away in my inv and I didnt have much furniture down. Later, I had a little help from my neighbor Baz, and the process was not too difficult to rez the house all over again

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