Tuesday, October 7, 2008

House is becoming a Home

Last night I went to get a few items for the home. Then I invited Troy to come over and share the fun of putting down the furniture. First, I needed to catch up with Brady and his concerns and then we all went over to my place. While I was trying to lay the pieces down, Brady and Troy chatted, skated and flew all around my living room. It was fun trying to work around them. It looks like I may need to get a few more pieces for the room, but it is a very nice set and a great improvement. I still need to find that darn rug.

After getting a good night hug from Troy, he went off to bed. I am always conscious of our time difference. I later noticed that he left his chopper on the the bridge between Brady's place and mine. I spent some peace and quiet time at my piano and then went to bed.

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