Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Field Trip to Gay World

Tuesday night was so hilarious in SL. It started with an IM from Troy Auerbauch inviting me to come to Nasturtum Island where a few had got together to dance. This is also where the future home of Jake's Club is nearby. I already had a link to the club inside, but Troy was not there. Instead, he was up on the beach with others. So he got me there with a TP, but I landed just out side the railing and had a hard time even being seen. I managed to "fly" up over and on to the dock where everyone was dancing. Jake and Eddi had left for the night.

Ammon Pera was joking around and he had mentioned to Gigi Bing about a place he discovered where you can actually by a$$ holes. I had remembered seeing the place over at Gay World. Didn't actually go in, but was amazed at the idea of being able to buy such an object. So Ammon gets the idea that we should all TP over to Gay World to actually see this place. It was so funny to hear all the humor about the visit. While we were there Alexi Reggiane made the comment about "Is there anything you can't find in SL" I soon discovered that he himself is one of the four "Jakes love Children" Humm, then I got to wondering who they were. Another one who was also on the Field trip was Kenneth Kjeller. I remembered meeting him at the Yacht Dance after the Prom Party at Jakes. The last one is my friend Brady Rowell. Not sure what that all means exactly.

Our Trip ended at a place called Dark Delights. Pretty incredible stuff at this place. Centaurs, Beastiality and Kink can be found here. Not exactly something i am interested in, but fascinating just the same. We were all over that place to. Ammon supplying the humor. We were like kids in a candy store. Full of humor and laughs.

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