Monday, July 14, 2008

Boot's Gay Beach

Last night I had just signed on and a few minutes later I got a TP invite from Eddi Haskell to join him at Boot's Gay Beach. I had been to this place a few times before. There were lots of hot guys all over the beach dancing. I saw a huge elephant. "Them Republicans really know how to crash a party." Later I even saw a zebra. All of us having a great time dancing on the beach. That's me in the middle of the picture along JakeC Hotshot and Eddi Haskell on the right and Ammon Pera on the left.

My Friend Jamie Flintlock also showed up. I always enjoy seeing and look forward to chatting with him. He has a few ideas about where he wants to go with his SL experience. I like to help him and give him much encouragement wherever it takes him.

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