Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Boystown Unveiled

Ok, So tonight was the opening of Boystown. Did you go? I met Jamie Flintlock and his neighbor Olle at Boystown for a qwick whirl wind tour. The place looks great. I only got a brief look before it closed a couple of months ago. All this happened just after I landed in SL. The place looks nice and fresh. Ok thats a strange word for it. I will be back to explore more of this place.

We then headed over to the new Blu for some dancing. It basically looks the same. The place was crowed and full of lag. Cody looked great. He sent me a LM to his new place. I will probably get over for a visit to check out the place. He says he should have more furniture by the weekend.

My friend Jamie and I danced and chatted for a long time. He really loves the place and seems to be connecting and making lots of friends. That's him in the red shorts in the picture above.

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