Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Mesh Shirt

First, if you have not gotten a mesh-enabled viewer yet, then you really should.   I would be surprised if you didn’t have one already.  Most new people who use the latest Linden Lab SL viewer are all set.  I personally use the latest Firestorm Viewer.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you this really nice shirt I got from BUID.  Here is the SLURL -- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MC%20East%20River/113/188/29
Click on the image to view a larger size.

Let me start out by saying “Always try on the demo”  The reason for this is that since you cannot adjust a mesh piece when worn as you can with a prim object so you want to be sure of the fit.  One of the things I look for is if the creator included various size options in the package.  This is important because all avatars are not created equal in terms of size and shape.  That is why creators also include a transparent layer to “hide” that part of your shape where the piece covers.  

A huge benefit to mesh clothing is the way the material drapes and covers the avatar shape in a more natural flow.  Plus, the overall textures look amazingly better.

Keep in mind when wearing more than one article of mesh clothing and watch which transparent layers you are wearing.   With a little practice you should be able to achieve a great fit and be very stylish in your mesh clothing.   It only gets better as more creators work at fine tuning and giving residents some very nice clothing.  Go out and get you some mesh!



Nice shirt buddy.
You were hot last night at Temptation,,,just sayin'

Rocky Constantine said...

Thanks. You were too and I had a lot of fun.