Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Avatars Unite!

By now, most of you who are in SL have heard about Linden Lab's recent acquisition of the company that created the Avatars United website. Since then, the site has really taken off and many SL residents have been registering, setting up profiles and even groups. The site looks promising and despite some of the negativity that has already been generated, I see this as offering great social potential for you and your avatar. It's been compared to as facebook for your avatar.

Right now, lots of people are requesting to "unite" with others. The question I have for you is this -- unless you plan to somehow connect in-world and/or out -- Why send a request to a total stranger? If you are have a group, are you planning to use it as a marketing tool to promote your business? The potential is there if you choose to use it. I would suggest that you ask your self the question "Why," because we already have those who will "friend" you in SL never to be heard from down the road.

Comments are always welcome.


Gaius said...

Been wondering about that myself. Some people are promoting things, but others seem to want to have a huge friends list just for its own sake, far as I can tell. Like the Whos, crying "We are here!" as loud as they can and hoping somebody will notice.

SpAnKi said...

I just joined up yesterday, I have no idea why except that I read that people can take your avatar name, there is no verification between AU and your SL account right now as I understand it.. anyhoo, I figured I would sign up just to claim my name, so to speak. And yes, I have random friends requests already. Am waiting to see what happens with this site, I used to be on SL Profiles but deleted that account as I couldn't really see the point to it, and I don't have FakeBook. But maybe this site will prove more useful? We will see :D

Rocky Constantine said...

SpAnKi, I jumped on board to claim my avatar name for the reasons you mention. I also have an SL Profiles account and I am thinking I really should dump that one and hope that this AU site works out better. Only time will tell. Thanks.