Monday, December 7, 2009

Do You Need All those Options?

I love all my toys. I have some from Blue Balls, Bits & Bobs, and a really nice bed from Duke Magneto over at Theater Row by Row.

So when I saw this amazing bed with "600" animations, I started to wonder... How many is too much? I let you decide.

I have learned that the animations are only one piece of any hot sexual experience in SL. Text chat (which is a bit of an art) or voice are another piece. I will admit that for me, having lots of options is definitely a plus, but 600? So what do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment.


Jordyn Carnell said...

I wonder if anyone would be surprised that I've never owned one of those bed. I'm all IM baby. (bad spelling, typos and everything)

~grins and winks~

Heloq Tomsen said...

I believe you don't really need a thing like that to practice or to show your "ars amandi" and it's all in the power of word and imagination. 600 poses are nothing if compared to what your mind can express in terms of fantasy and sensuality :-)

Jordyn Carnell said...

well said Heloq..
Or: "here! here!" (plus 'there there', and some 'up against that'.)

Leigh Eel said...

the animations, like anything else, are there to enhance. but they by no means guarantee a good time. It's all about the personalities and dynamics between the couple. More moving parts means more things that can break down. When I want to just cuddle and chat, I DON'T accidently want to get hot'n'heavy just because i clicked the wrong button. I still need a decent hugger, though.