Thursday, May 7, 2009

Give me some skin.

Last night I got an invite from Yummy Andrew to Club Ultra where he was playing. DJ Yummy is a really cool, nice friendly guy so how could I say no. The crowd was light, maybe about 8 or 10 at the most.

While I was there, I came across Warren Shepherd. Warren's avatar skin looked a bit familiar to me. It was sorta like looking in the mirror -- well not exactly -- but it turns out that we do have the same skin. I had a flashback to my noob long late night makeover and my first trip to Naughty.

So this got me thinking about avatar appearance. I have been in SL for almost a year now and have never changed my skin. Eventhough I have played around with some variations of my prim hair, I probably will keep my skin for a while longer. My friend Ritch has recently played with trying a new skin. Even Duke invited me to go check out skins.

So how comfortable are you in YOUR skin? Whether the change is subtle or extreme it may not only say something about you, but also about how we see each other. There is no denying that the visuals can be quite amazing here in SL -- almost lifelike. How important is this for you? Eye candy is nice, but Rocky also likes substance. How we get at the substance can, in some cases be a bit more challenging. Hugs.

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