Friday, January 16, 2009

Pick a spot on the map and fly

It's no secret that Rocky loves to dance, shop, and explore places in SL. So how do I pick places to visit? I get a lot of ideas from SL bloggers and websites. I will mention some of these in a later blog post. That's probably the easiest. But have you ever taken a look at the huge SL map when you go to It's amazing to see all the sims and makes you realize that just like in RL, the exploration possibilities are endless. There are many international places represented too. No VISA or passport is required. So for something different, bold and daring, open up the World Map in the SL viewer and pick a spot. It can be empty or filled with the small green people dots. If you have land, you may want to see what it's like on nearby sims. If you ever land in a "scary" place that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always TP safely back to your home. Try it.

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