Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last night leftovers were delicious

I woke up this morning filled with "stuff" to blog about. Last night I had a great chat with JC. It was so cool to dance with him in the bubble. The song that DJ Syri ends the sets with kept playing in my ear. You know the one. 525,600 from Rent.

Cleaning out and organizing my inventory earlier in the day brought some discoveries of things I had no idea why I acquired them. Sure it's nice to have all these things, but as in real life they can't replace, care, friendship, patience, honor, respect, and the glue that binds them all together -- LOVE. My eyes opened once again as I read it on JC's shirt and saw it in the smile upon his face. Yes, we are all RL people behind the avatars we create and there is no denying that our interaction can have an affect on ourselves and on others. Let's always remember that. Hugs


Jordyn Carnell said...

That shirt isn't an accident or fashion statement.. "LOVE" is my mission in RL not just SL.. But I caution..

I advise people to never fall in love with an avatar.. while its O.K. to fall in love with the people behind them..

Not necessarily in the way that might sound.. love them AS people.. love as you point out, in all the ways that bind us together as people..

(If you are interested in romance meet them at a Starbucks or something.. SL is best limited to turning strangers into aquaintences, aquaintences into friends)

Rocky said...

I totally agree with all of this. I certainly hope that other SL resident grasp this as well. Thanks for your insightful comment. Hugs.

Jordyn Carnell said... i was telling someone just last night.. On the rare occasion I say something profound it's usually kinda obvious.. kinda like a fortune cookie.. and just like a fortune cookie you can add the phrase "in bed" after it and smile :)