Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DJ Syriana Paine

DJ Syriana Paine has got to be one of THE best DJ's I have heard on the grid. I have come across her playing at all the hottest places. Syri can be heard playing at Big Sky, Hot n Hunky, Club Bonobo and of course Jake's Dance Club. Her sexy voice, hot chat, and the way she interacts with the dance crowd is definitely not to be missed. From the first song to the strip down after party, I am sure you too will also agree that Syri is THE best.

1 comment:

DJSyriana said...

Awwwwww ty Rock Star, you ROCK my world :)And it's easy to have so much fun at all those clubs, the people coming are what makes it SO great. That's what it's all about, all of you :) I'm just a slave to the music :)