Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let's have some fun

Last night I was out exploring, looking at land and options for a home when I decide to head over to my friend Brady Rowell's place. He has a huge place and he recently told me about how Jaho helped him plant trees and stuff. When I arrived at his place, I could not believe how beautiful the place turned out. It looks really nice. Jaho has a great talent for landscaping.

I am in IM back and forth with Brady when he asks me if I want to join him and Ritch Nicholls at this newly discovered place. I said sure and joined them. That's us in the picture here. Click on it to enlarge it. We started chatting about how Ritch changes his hair. We were later joined by Baz Ceawlin. Baz is Brady's neighbor. I offered friendship to Ritch and after some funny group chat and Ritch and Baz showing us a few skin and hair changes decided to call it a night.

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