Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What type of SL resident are you?

Brian White in his book on Second Life tells us that there are four categories or types of SL residents.

  1. Socializers: These residents enjoy interacting and playing with other residents.
  2. Explorers: The residents like to travel around looking for new things to see and experience.
  3. Creators: These are the residents that you find building, scripting, and attending classes to improve their skills.
  4. Organizers: These residents like to draw crowds and organize events.

Brian goes on to say that in the begining most residents probably start out as explorers, but as time goes on they will drift into the Socializer and Creator role. Keep in mind that no one is locked into any one role.

1 comment:

Jordyn Carnell said...

ONLY 4 types? But i log on more than 4x a week.. And I do all those things!

Let me think.. humm.. what activity could they be missing on that list that I do.. hummmm.. ~scratches head~

Oh! ~grins devilishly~