Saturday, July 12, 2008

My latest exploration

Hey! I am back with this quick post. I was very busy last night. I finally took some time to get my inventory in order. Not sure how long it will stay that way. There are lots of "Freebies" - some good stuff, some junk - to be found along the way. I also discovered these neat little treasure boxes that will pay you a $L. You never know where they will show up.

Here are a few things I found last night. I was on on a beautiful space and found myself landing clumsily under the dock. What I found was pretty amazing. A resident had set up a gallery shop underwater. They even offered a free art piece and a landmark to the space.

Next stop was on to The Weather Channel. Yes, they have a space in SL. While I was there I was able to pick up a free bike and ride the back roads of Moab. Awesome fun.

The last place on my trip was to Dahlia Island. Not sure of the exact area, but I was able to get a boat and sail on the water. It's a beautiful place to take someone out on the water for a romantic ride. The funny thing is that I also picked up a free swim bracelet there too. This might be helpful the next time I fall in the water. LOL. I could have used that earlier.

I will add the slurl to this post later so you too can discover them.

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