Thursday, June 11, 2015

Linden Lab Meetup at SL12B Event

This morning I attended a Linden Lab Meet up event for Premium Members in Second Life.  It was like a SLebrity Who's Who gathering. There were about 10 Lindens who were in attendance at some point throughout the long event. Here is a list of the Lindens I managed to see:  Xiola, Oz, Michael, Torley, Shaman, Patch, Vitae, Brett, Alexa and Simon.  I also saw my friends Bock McMillan, Tomais Ashdene, Kharisa Indigo, and Ziggy Starsmith.  At one point the sim was busy with about 80 avatars on the region.  The small island was packed.  My computer seemed to handle the load quite well and the longer I was there, the better conditions were in seeing most avatars fully rezzed as you can see from my photos below.

The crowded stage
Rocky looking on from a safe spot
This is Xiola Linden
This is Torley Linden, but you probably figured that out.
Blogger Bock McMillan and Photographer Tomais Ashdene

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