Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My SummerFest Recap

Last week was a very busy week for me in SL.  I was involved in some of the activities of the LGBT SummerFest 2011.  If you didn't get to this one you missed out on a lot of fun activities.  I was even asked to manage a full sim which was used to host events from groups that are currently not a part of the GA.  We had a great turn out for several of the lesbian events.  The Famous 5 had a great party and it was packed.  On Saturday was the Nekkid Parade and party at the Slot in San Francisco.  DJ Hotboy kept all the hot sweaty bodies rockin to some great music.  On Sunday, I got an IM from HunterTx asking if I was interested in being on the judges panel for the Mr. Nude contest and of course how could I turn that down.

So yeah some of you got to see more of me than you probably ever imagined *wink*  All good fun.

If you follow my DJ blog I want to give you a heads up that there are probably some changes happening there as well real soon too.

Thanks again for following my blog.  You all Rock my SL.


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