Sunday, January 31, 2010

Imagination and Wonder - Don't Lose it

Last night was the "Lights on Broadway" party at Jake's. The set was amazing and what is even more amazing is that here in SL we have the opportunity to experience people and places in a way we may never have imagined. The ability to travel to all sorts of places we only dream of visiting. All with the click of the Teleport button.

I know it's my own "child-like" sense of curiosity and adventure that keeps me going in SL. There is so much to see and do.

The other thing is the friends we encounter in SL. I have touched on the various kinds of "ships" in a prior post. I tend to have a good sense of the people I meet. The connections are amazing. My recent friendship with Kal has turned into something very special that is hard to explain. Although we have never met in first life and are miles and miles apart, I feel very close to him. Perhaps you have experienced the same thing.

Letting go of all the "junk" that's put in front of our first life is hard. But when we let go of all the hate, prejudices and ugliness we open ourselves up to a world of amazing opportunity to do good not only in this life, but in our second life as well.


SpAnKi said...

this is a really nice blog entry, esp the last paragraph. well said :)

Rocky Constantine said...

Thanks. :)