Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rocky's Routine before logging off.

Do you carry some of your first life routines into SL? One of the things that I like to do before I log off SL for the night is to always go home. It really is nice to have a home in SL to actually go home to.

One of the habits I try to remember to do is to tidy up my inventory before I log off. This helps because all I need to do is check my recent items tab and file objects from my day. I then put on some nice relaxing music to wind down. And then I put my avatar to bed as you can see by this picture. I wonder if you have any routines in SL?


Brendan Tsarchon said...

I TP home. I sit myself on my throw couch. I say good night to everyone I have talked to that night. I wait for the last round of the Tiny Empires HUD to ding. Then I poof out. :)

Rammy said...

I like to:

1. be sure I have clothes on or at least not dressed up as a wacko!

2. zoom around to my face so I will see myself when I log back on

Josh said...

I am more a mess and it depends. I try to tp home and say nite to anyone I am talking to. I sort of like Rocky putting his avie to bed - hmmmm, think i will sneak over there and crawl in with him. hehe