Friday, September 18, 2009

Finding interesting stuff to do in Second Life

Great Tips from this blog :

New residents frequently arrive at Music Island, discover that there is no concert that day and say, 'But how do I find stuff to do that I'm interested in? I have been exploring empty spaces for DAYS!!!!!'

1. First understand that Second Life is organized like the rest of the Social Web. People move in response to events and associations. So finding events of interest by simply popping about the SL Grid is not likely to work too well.

2. Find active groups that interest you: Search on groups via key words in the SL search engine. Find one that looks interesting and with open membership and join. Now look at past notices to see if the group is active. If you don't see notices that interest you, then drop the group and look for another one. Another way to find groups that interest you is to use the same search terms under the 'places' tab in search. Visit places of interest and see if there are groups to join. Soon you'll be getting notices of events of interest.

3. Use the SL 'Events' search engine: Select 'live music', 'education' or any other category from the drop down menu in the Events Tab in Search. Then press the search button. Lots of events will appear. Since the listings are not too well-policed there will be some irrelevant returns, but you will still likely see a number of events of interest to you.

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