Monday, May 18, 2009

Did you take your meds today?

I'm sure you may have experienced this in SL. You are hanging out somewhere with a friend or something, and then you suddenly look on your screen and notice your avatar's head is doing this rather harsh twitching. It's as if you are possessed by some demon. Do you ever wonder what actually causes this? Is it just an SL quirk? Are there things you can do to reduce this from happening?

Here is one idea that I have -- Could this be tied to all the HUDs and stuff that your avatar is wearing? Could there be a conflict with some of them that causes this? We already know that most AO's interfere with dance animations. We also know that the scripted objects including any "bling" we wear cause a certain amount of lag. What do you think?

This also reminds me of my early days in SL and the "missing shoe" problem which seemed to be a common problem for not only me but others as well.

In any case, Duke and I made some prim med bottles to pass to each other just in case one of us forgets to take his meds.

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Jordyn Carnell said...

I don't know about you.. but i always found my shoe.. when i bent over..