Saturday, April 4, 2009

1200+ Active Second Life-Related Blogs

So many blogs, so little time to read them, but its nice to know that the SL community is very active in the blogosphere. I just caught this story over at New World Notes. The complete list can be found at the Second Effects blog. These are based on Technorati rankings and are the most active.

Congrats to my friend JC who made the list with his blog Midcourt at #65. The JAKES OF SECOND LIFE blog (Rocky currently authors this one), came in at #95.

UPDATE - Ok, it looks like I missed a few others that also deserve recognition. Not only did I miss this blog #99, but a few others. Thanks to my friend, Jago Constantine over at Sex Afficiando for scanning the list more carefully.

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Jordyn Carnell said...

thanks for posting this Rocky.. people will have fun (and maybe pull their hair out) going through them all.. course, they could just ignore everything else and just read you and me.