Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rocky & Duke Spend Time

So how does Rocky spend his time in SL? Well... Rocky loves to go out and explore sims, go dancing at clubs, and shopping. But the one thing that I really enjoy is spending time with my guy Duke. When we are not out and about, we are spending time at our home or in my workshop. Duke creates some amazing products like the Theater Seats and these really awesome beds, so its no surprise that when we are out, I catch him examining everything. And I guess this has sort of rubbed off on me too.

The really cool thing I enjoy is when we work together on projects large and small. Whether it's our land radio player or working on animations. It makes my SL experience more complete when I can share doing these kinds of things with him. I think the whole community aspect is the reason I enjoy spending time in SL. I have been so fortunate to have so many great friends in SL. Thanks.