Sunday, March 8, 2009

DJ Syriana Paine

A few weeks back, I posted my interview with DJ Syriana Paine. Now I want to give you a follow-up with some comments from me on why I believe Syri is one of SL's fantastic DJ's.

Syri as her friends call her, has a very hot, sexy voice. She takes requests from clubbers and has a fantastic collection of songs covering a wide range. Her interaction with guests really makes her special. She always seems to know your favorite song(s) -- the ones that recall special moments in our lives. When Syri plays at Jake's Club Resort, you can find her in costume whatever the theme is that week. She even takes time to participate in weekly promo shoots. Syri is a true friend, a dedicated DJ and is loved by many that show up to hear her spin music wherever she is playing on the grid.


Patryk Cleanslate said...

She absolutely is one of the best!

phoenixsun21 said...

Hands down she is the best DJ, and might I add the sexiest. :)

DJSyriana said...

I love my family at Jake's! You all make every Thursday and Saturday the best! *HUGE HUGS*

525,600 minute of love and light!