Thursday, March 5, 2009

Connection between RL and SL

I continue to read some pretty fascinating discussion on the boundaries between what we do in RL and SL. I guess it all depends on your own personal view of what SL is. If you look at SL as a way to enjoy time with friends in a virtual space then only you can determine how much you choose to share based on your own comfort level. What it boils down to is a certain level of trust. Can we actually form a sense of community and relationships that last? I think so. Does this have an effect on relationships outside of SL? Sure it does.

If you're doing business inworld, you probably have a good idea how you want to market goods and services, but can you make the connection between the virtual and the real world. Does your inworld business venture have a web presence? Lots of SL businesses do make the connection by selling goods online via XStreetSL. Besides shopping, there are lots of websites that promote inworld travel, exploration, events, and tips to help make our inworld experience more enjoyable. Sort of like what I try to do here for my blog readers.


Jordyn Carnell said...

RL, SL, Online, with your neighbor, with your coworker, with your family, lovers, friends, etc. Relationships are relationships trust is one of the bricks they are built with but not the only one. Shared histories and/or experiences, tastes, interests. Common purpose. Common needs. So many building blocks to all kinds of different relationships.

um.. forgot where I was going with this.. oh well

Rocky Constantine said...

I suppose I could of added more bricks to the post, but i wanted to keep it short. You said it well when you said "So many building blocks to all kinds of different relationships". As I said in the beginning...Everyone approaches SL looking for different things.