Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When does a door open the wrong way?

Ok, this post has nothing profound to say about the idea of an "open door brings opportunity". It's really about my boo boo last night. I was home in SL making some adjustments to the doors of the house to change the greeting and that went well on a few doors. But then I could not get the notecard to open on a few of the doors. Duke explained to me that I needed to unlink any parts associated with the door. Bingo! that did the trick.

Later I noticed that one of the doors was swinging open the wrong way. Ugh.. now what? Duke comes to my aid again and after I rotate the door and get it into postion he points me to a place in the viewer that will reset the scripts. Yay! Working with object problems can be a pain, but having Duke there to offer assistance makes it easier to handle. Thanks.

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Duke Magneto said...

smiles at Rocky's doors