Saturday, December 20, 2008

Come Dance with Rocky

I have come to enjoy the ability to invite and share a dance with all my friends. My HUD has only about 12 good dances on it, but I do have my favorites and I am always on the look out for new ones to add from the usual places. Henmations, Sine Wave Island, Owenimations, etc... Here are a few more, Moonlight Animations, Dance Animations, and my favorite Akeyo Dance Animations.

When I first landed inworld, I was drawn to the social nature of the clubs and today I still enjoy that sense of community. That probably explains why I enjoy my SL job at Jake's Dance Club. You can find me dancing at a few other places too. I have been known to hang out at Boot's Gay Beach, Hot 'n Hung Gay Beach Resort (aka HnH), Sky Ranch, The Penitentiary. You may even catch me dancing at home while playing playing around with the building tools. That makes for some fun multi-tasking.

Now updated with SLURLs for everyone.

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