Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rocky's Birthday Party

I had a really great time last night. Thanks to all my friends who showed up to help celebrate my RL Bday at the pool dance party at Jake's. Here are some of the many friends who showed up: JakeC Hotshot & Baz Ceawlin, Brady Rowell & Troy Auerbauch, Ritch Nicholls, Tyler Ethaniel, Thomm Collins & Neves Hax, SurfBoy Wollongong, Kritz Etzel, Caivan Hancroft, Brandon Briggs, Jaho Yalin, Tom1 Moonites, PeeBee McMilan, xNathanx Karillion, Plz Redgrave, Pheynix Feinsmith, Nezha Amaterasu, Syken Sorbet, the lovely Dar Writer, and the many others I may have forgotten.

Big thanks go out to DJ Muhu Janus. I love your interaction with the crowd. My SL brother Brady pulled the whole thing off. I was totally surprised. I love you sooooo much! Thanks also go to everyone who gave gifts.

I will be posting all the hot pics later so stay tuned...

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