Thursday, October 30, 2008

What did you do last night? Part 1

I have been feeling a little sad lately. Last night I responded to an IM from my friend Troy. He got some really nice furniture and was going to place the pieces in his home. Very exciting. So I TP over to check it out. WOW! The pieces look fantastic. LaDonna Upshaw at Sweet Romance Furniture does really nice work. After Troy meticulously placed the pieces we did some happy dances. He added about 6 new ones. He was kind enough to share a note card with them. I really like a few and hope to add them to my collection.

As we chatted, he had mentioned that like me, he too loves to dance even when he is alone in-world. We also like to multitask and build or adjust things while we dance. Funny. We danced as he showed me some really cool art pieces he wants to put on the walls. The theme of the pieces was "Ships".

He crashed and left me dancing alone in his house. :(

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