Monday, October 27, 2008

Please be patient with me.

Last night I had a quick photo shoot at Brady's home. We both started to recall how much different it was with a past SL photographer we know who tended to be very demanding with "don't local chat". "be still", "use mouse look", "look this way". This happened when I first landed in SL as a noob. I was almost terrified by the experience and felt very uncomfortable and wanted to almost scream "Give me a break, I am new to this and don't know what to do yet".

In a similar event -- Last week I was trying to decide what to be for the Halloween Haunt at Jake's. Brady looked cute as a little goat boy. All I knew was that it would make me feel real uncomfortable about making those kinds of changes to my avatar. Hey, I love my cute and sexy look. I realize that like anything, it is important to have a copy of yourself in inventory and that it wouldn't be difficult to revert back to the Rocky everyone knows. My friend Ritch told me he had felt the same way before too.

These things take time to get comfortable with and I appreciate and love those who understand this. Thanks guys.

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