Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday Night in SL

Last night I spent some time in my backyard "sandbox". Learning how to build by trial and error and becoming familiar with using the tools. Brady came over to wait for his partner Troy and then Ritch showed up. He actually helped me with linking prims for my crude, but simple table. Something he just happened to learn. But that is the extent of his building.

Later, I IM chatted with Tyler and he came over for a little bit before heading to bed. I then hung out with Ritch & Baz as we watched Blaque model some of her freebie clothes. She actually has a few nice pieces. It can be so rare to find freebie stuff that looks good or fits correctly on you.

Before I went to bed, I sent my Troy a picture and let him know that he is missed, but cared for.

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