Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Makeover Monday

I got a note when I logged on Monday afternoon. Photo Shoot needed ASAP! So I went store hopping with Brady and Ritch looking for a space outfit to wear. I was glad that Troy was able to join us too. The theme for the upcoming Saturday dance party at Jake's is "Lust in Space"

After the photo shoot, we went to Naughty Design to help Troy with a makeover. Then we all went back to Brady's place where he did the fine tuning which seemed like forever. The end results turned out fabulous and Troy looks really hot. It was getting late and it looked like Troy decided to call it a night.

Ritch, Brady, Baz and I went to this dance place that I had never been to. It had an Oriental look to it. My red chucks looked great on the dancefloor. hehehe. That's us in the pictures above. It was a nice ending to Makeover Monday.

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