Monday, May 23, 2016

It's My Rez Day!

Today, May 23rd, marks my 8th Rez Day.  I had no idea I would even make it this far.  I am not even sure where I heard about Second Life in the first place, but I thought "Hey this looks interesting, let's give this a try"  I came with no set expectations and would ride the adventure and see where it takes me.  And what a ride it has been.  I have seen and experienced so much in SL over the years.  I have also seen many of my friends come and go.  It has been a roller coaster at times and I have thought most recently about leaving.  I am sure you have experienced the same.  All the connections I have made in SL have been quite "real"  Never let anyone tell you this is just a game.  I am not sure what my future SL holds, but let's continue to share the fun and enjoy it while it lasts.  I actually started this blog when I started my SL journey.  There is so much in the archives to reflect upon.  Thank you and much love to all of you.  Rocky