Friday, December 25, 2015

The Sky Is Not Falling...Yet

I think we can all agree that #ProjectSansar  is going to provide a totally different user experience with cutting edge technology that will surpass  what is currently used in #secondlife  .  No doubt about it.  We also can probably agree that in the early stages, not everyone will have the means to even run Sansar.  As it stands now, it is quite expensive to get on board as a user or creator unless you have the $ or the skills.  One of my G+ friends has claimed the "Niche Factor" as a stumbling block for the typical Second Life user to take advantage of Sansar.  The bottom line for me is to just enjoy your Second Life and don't worry about what will happen to SL when Sansar arrives.  We still got time.  If sooner than later, then we move on to something else like "First Life"?

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