Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shadows in my Second Life

I remember when I first discovered shadows in Second Life a couple of years ago.  That was certainly a real eye opener for me.  Unfortunately, it involved setting the viewer to a higher graphic setting than my old computer could not handle.  Often times it would freeze up or crash when I did that.  So I decided to just move through my SL without that luxury. *sad face*

A few months ago, I decided to finally get a new desktop computer.  It was certainly due for an upgrade anyway and with the XP support going away, it pushed me to get a new one sooner.

I had always enjoyed exploring the various windlight settings.  I usually stick to using my favorite CalWL.  No fancy light settings, its just a nice basic setting for getting around in SL.  Now, I get a WOW effect when I want to try and take a super nice photo such as the one in this post.

I am certainly not a pro photographer, but it is nice to see that the average Joe can also take nice photos without any use of Photoshop.  By the way, I do have PS,but really have yet to explore the capabilities.  In fact, this photo was taken with only the "High" setting and not "Ultra".  This particular WL Sky setting is called Fine Day.

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Anonymous said...

I like CAWL too. This picture is lovely!