Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Passing of Fabrice Snook

After a number of unsuccessful attempts to get any news about the disappearance of our dear friend Fab, we finally got word that he had passed away back in November of last year.

I really got to know Fab when he approached me with an idea he had for creating  I decided to join the team and eventually offered to host the GWN Headquarters and TV Studio on Saint Niguel Isle.

Fab was a friend who taught me to expand on dreams and ideas.  He worked tirelessly for the good of the community -- Always driving us forward.

Fab was also very generous, kind, and at times humorous.  I can still hear his amazingly sexy French voice accent during our GWN Staff Meetings.  He shared many of the objects we use at the TV studio, but he also left us with something that has become a bit of humor among team members.  We have his 137 prim television camera in the TV studio.  I will be working on some sort of Memorial to him at the GWN HQ sometime soon.

Fab will leave us with a legacy of good memories and high hopes for our time in working with the LGBT community both in-world and out.  Thank you Fab for being a true friend.


Spike Clémenceau-Silent said...

He was truly amazing, very kind and always looking after others. It is quite a loss but I like many, had the privilege to work with him and call him a friend (I'll miss calling me Spikey -even tho I hate it when people do it- with that french accent of his)

Carmichael Caudron said...

RIP :/