Monday, February 22, 2010

Log Off and Shut down.

Kal and I did something totally different last night. We logged off earlier than usual. It seems like we both came to the conclusion that we have been spending way too much time in-world over the past week. After some IM back and forth, and a nice long hug, we said good night. And you know what? It felt ok to do that. I know that I see friends on my friend list in-world for hours at a time every single night. Does that sound like you?

In my first life work, I am on the computer all day long. I know we are all wired 24/7 these days with all the social bells and whistles we have available to us, but I challenge you to take time out and see what happens. You may discover something new.

End of post and time for a break... well... for a few hours at least.


Rammy said...

There are only 2 states of our reality as humans at this point in time, plugged in or un-plugged. I think it is good to un-plug and look at the stars sometimes.

Rammy said...

Well at least that's my opinion but I get tired of plugged in. I guess we need to know how to un-plug. I guess it is all about being slaves of the plug empire or something. Boo to the plug empire.