Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Second Life IS Real lives, Real People

I know that his topic gets tossed around a lot among bloggers and stuff. I have even touched on it a few times. Not all of us our going to agree and that's a good thing. So if you are one of those SL residents who approaches SL as something of a game and manage to disassociate yourself with anything remotely human, then you're probably not going to care for what I have to share.

My personal belief is that there is no way to separate both our SL and what I like to call "first life" experiences. Let's face it, we DO bring our first life experiences into SL each time we log on. If you had a bad day at work, going through a difficult time, or had an awesome revelation in your first life, it will come about in any social contact you have with others. We are all social beings. SL friendships are a wonderful outlet for sharing. True SL friends are the ones that take the time to listen and offer feedback in a caring and a non-judgmental way. They share your ups and downs.

The other point, I was reminded of is that in SL we have the ability to not only dream, but take those dreams and explore them in a way we can't or might not do in our first life. Whether this is in a creative sense such as learning a new skill, or in developing certain personal relationships. SL gives us the opportunity to actually "live the dream" and at the same time, hopefully we are able to learn about ourselves in the process. This in turn will spill over into our first life.

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Jordyn Carnell said...


Questions of identity, self analysis, self understanding, self expression, and self creation, are core concepts associated with SL lives.

You see it in pretty much every blog so I'm guessing it's also inside pretty much every "players" head.

Rammy said...

In Miami there are these parrots that came over on a ship from the Amazon a long time ago. The have settled in and live in the trees. They are a real pretty green. They are very social and like to squawk and shriek. That is how they "talk" to each other. They love to hear the sound of each other's voice. I think humans are sort of the same.

I am not even sure why I am "squawking". Maybe us humans have a more complicated system of squawk meanings, but we need to squawk too.

Thanks for a good post.

Rocky Constantine said...

What I am proposing is that we try to strike a balance between the "head" and the "heart" which seem to always be at conflict with each other. Those who are on the extreme opposite ends will always experience first and second life differently

Quagmire said...

Rocky, excellent post, I just discovered your blog through JC's. It makes sense, SL is another avenue of self-discovery and new way to make challenging friendships.
And hey Rammy we have those same parrots in San Diego, too. If a bird is smart enough to discover a new world, lets be the Columbus of our generation and enjoy living and loving in a virtual world.
We can cross that great divide and make that connection, if we want to.
And hell I just squawk to hear myself shriek, too.

Sandi said...

hey i am a SL resident too tabytha1 Baily check our my blog perhaps we could be blog buddies