Friday, June 26, 2009

Summertime Blues

It is definitely Summertime here in the western hemisphere. I am noticing fewer of my SL friends inworld, and if they are, it's when I am not. Interesting how that happens. Schedules change and RL events can sometimes compete for our attention. Club attendance can also drop or you may have new visitors who are just discovering your club for the first time. Even a trip to do shopping is not as fun. No matter how many toys we have in our inventory, nothing can compare to the need we have for interaction with a partner or a friend. I have been in SL for just over a year now and have tried a few things, like creating stuff, taking pictures and working with Photoshop, even playing with DJ toys, but never actually stuck to one. Looks like I may need to settle on a project. The possibilities are endless here in SL. Hugs.

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