Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Voice Chat & TXT IM

This past weekend, Duke and I both got microphones so that we could add the ability to do voice chat. We all have these ideas about the people we meet up with and are friends with in SL. So each time we introduce a new element to our SL relationships it can be a little scary. We need to ask ourselves if we can free ourselves of any pre-conceived ideas and just let things take their course. It appears that Duke and I were able to do just that and it even turned out to be a "fun" experience for both of us once we got over the technical issues. Some people are not comfortable doing chat and "hey that's ok too". Just like txt IM, there are benefits and drawbacks to voice chat as well. The richness of emoting someone comes to mind. Rocky loves to work on that skill. Each has it's own place in SL. So now Rocky is considering where to go next as his voice is slowly being unleashed in SL. Any ideas? I would love to hear them. Peace!

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